Connected solutions

We’re an experienced team when it comes to developing, building and managing connected solutions. Our focus is to provide communicative customer service to help you realise your business vision.

Together we’ll work towards building innovative IoT solutions with web-based management platforms, integrating real-time payment software for product billing, and create a future for your business with scalable solutions.
Don’t worry, it’s not as complicated as it sounds. Follow us.

Innovation isn’t building something new,
it’s about using existing technologies in new ways to create value


Key Capabilities


IoT & Serverless Applications

Our team is proud to say we work with top-shelf hardware design partners, leveraging major cloud platforms to guarantee your business the most cost-effective solution while mitigating risk by showing you prototypes and work in progress as we build your solution.
There’s nothing left out with Flywheel. We follow the industry’s security best practices, work humble magic with data-lake design, tackle rapid experimentation with machine learning models, and offer high-performance serverless solutions.

Web & Mobile Development

The website is the heart and soul of modern business. Our team at Flywheel have long been at the leading-edge of online product development and understand what it takes to build a valuable website.
We’ll bring your website up to scratch with mobile responsive design, progressive web apps designed for seamless customer experience, or by building full-fledged web applications for your products.
Through partnerships with leading design agencies and cost-effective hosting through our partner network, with our help, you’ll have a fresh and efficient website to represent your brand online.

Payments and Billing

Money isn’t everything, but it’s key to business success. Our team at Flywheel understands the needs of businesses to collect revenue.
Instantly, Efficiently. Seamlessly.
We specialise in payment systems according to your exact product requirements, whether it be for Credit Card, Direct Debit or P2P payments. If you need a one-time payment arrangement, payment by subscription or usage, or a unique selling solution for your product, we’re here to streamline the entire process for you and your customer.

Let’s Talk About Your Next Project

The Flywheel Philosophy

At Flywheel it’s all about teamwork. Your targets are our targets, your product is our product, your goals become our goals. We provide direct communication and collaborative thought – Flywheel works with you. Our team is driven to meet your expectations through exploring and making use of innovative ideas, and takes pride in the work we deliver.

Constant Communication

We don’t want you stumbling around in the dark clueless about what’s going on in our office. This is your business, after all. Our team will keep in contact throughout the project, start to finish.


Projects face rapid changes day by day – we adapt to these changes and make sure you know what’s going on. Our goal is to provide a finessed solution whatever the circumstances.

A Close-Knit Team With Big Skills

We love the idea of a new project. You’ll quickly realise that we’re onboard with your goals and want to realise them as best as we can.

Only The Best Code

The nuts and bolts of any solution is the code. At Flywheel there are no shortcuts, cheap attempts, or bloated coding, everything we do is ready to hand over to your team members the moment it rolls off the shelf, so to speak.

Make The Most of Local Talent

We’ve spent the last few years developing a network of some of the finest talent in New Zealand, whether it be engineers, designers or data scientists. It’s a privilege to work alongside these people.


Working with the experienced talent at Flywheel guarantees cost-effective solutions, we’ve been performing and developing innovative solutions under budget and on time since we were founded. Since our work process is collaborative we treat your funds as our own. No waste, just concise solutions tailored to your business.


Our Network

Customers, strategic technology partners and suppliers. These are just some of the top-notch people we work with to deliver outstanding solutions.


Our Work

We believe our work speaks for itself. Browse our most recent projects below or see what we’re creating on Instagram


Spin up something new

We know that finding the right technology partner can be a challenge. Whether we’re a fit for you or not, we’re here to help. Use this form to get in touch with the business team and we’ll follow up shortly to get a call scheduled and find out exactly how we can help you.