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Designing for the Cloud

We’ve been helping New Zealand and Australian companies design and develop their application architecture for 5 years. We’ve helped startups that:

  • Are happy with their overseas developers but want someone local to double check the technology.
  • Have a demo but need to stabilize the functionality before it can be pitched further.
  • Have cloud costs that are escalating too quickly as the user base increases.

Whether you just need a few coffee sessions to get an idea of your next steps or you’re looking for a technology partner to design and manage the architecture for you, we can help!


Why Cloud Native Design?

The Cloud has done away with many of the limitations of on-premise technology, but if you’re planning to simply migrate everything as it is or build in the same way that you would’ve in the past but in AWS, Azure, or GCP instead, you’re missing out on the most valuable benefits.

By developing your application to be Cloud Native – deliberately designing it to make the most of each of the Cloud services on offer and having those services interact as efficiently as possible – you’ll gain the scalability and visibility needed to give a solid foundation to your application. Even better, you’ll be able to demonstrate to future investors and collaborators exactly how your application will continue to work effectively and highly efficiently as both the functionality and the userbase of the application expand.

If you’re keen to talk more about making the most of cloud technology, send us a message! We’re always happy to chat tech.


How We Can Help

To get effective architecture in the best way for you, we offer services that range from advisory to fully managed.


On-Demand Technical Advisor

If you’re at the stage in your startup where you need technical advice for your application to bring it up to industry standard, we’re always happy to talk through what that looks like. This often means we provide the advice of a CIO by defining roadmaps and digital strategy, as well as reviewing offshore development work to ensure it’s up to industry standard.
Not sure if a technical advisor is right for you? Try our interactive guide.

Project Delivery

More hands on than just advice, but not as comprehensive as a fully managed solution, we’re happy to offer high quality design and development for your startup. If you have a project or set of upgrades that you’d like delivered quickly and efficiently, we follow DevOps practices to make sure that you get the best results possible for your project.

Technical Management

If you’re at the point in your startup where you need a proper re-work of your application code, we’re more than happy to deliver fully cloud-native architecture for your application. We’d work closely with you to design cost-effective and scalable architecture for your application, develop it to an industry-leading standard, and manage the ongoing infrastructure and support as needed.

Working with Us


Projects face rapid changes day by day – we adapt to these changes and make sure you know what’s going on. Our goal is to provide a finessed solution within budget no matter the circumstances.

Clear Communication

We don’t want you stumbling around in the dark clueless about what we’re changing or wondering how the project is going. Our team will keep in contact throughout the project, start to finish.

Make The Most of Local Talent

We’ve spent the last few years developing a network of some of the finest talent in New Zealand, whether it be engineers, designers or data scientists. We love the idea of a new project, and you’ll quickly find that we’re excited to realise your goals as best as we can.


Our Network

Customers, strategic technology partners and suppliers. These are just some of the top-notch people we work with to deliver outstanding solutions.


Our Work

We believe our work speaks for itself. Browse our most recent projects below or see what we’re creating on Instagram